My First Blog Post

Today is when it all started. After a particularly rough day at work, I’d had enough. I’ve proven that I can take the spark of an idea, turn it into a story, and write it well enough that people will enjoy my work. I got everything that I could think of set up: A new email account, separate banking account, an account on Amazon KDP, an account at Smashwords, PayPal, WordPress, Adobe Stock Photo, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram bugged out and is now locked but I’ll see what I can do, another email inbox specifically devoted to the new email, a Facebook page, and I’m looking to see if there’s anything else that I need to do. I’m going to update and rewrite my stories with all of the lessons that I’ve learned since I began. I’ve requested that all of my stories at Literotica except two be taken down: The original version of Cat chapter 1 (now called Cat’s Tale: The First Lesson), and a short story that I wrote specifically for another author. That one wasn’t so popular, but I didn’t care. I wrote a targeted story incorporating everything that I knew about her and sent it to her. She said it was the best present that she ever got. She’s the one who asked me to put it up for everyone to see. It wasn’t meant for everyone.

Author: Aleson Alexander

Writer of stories, weaver of dreams, creator of desires

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