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Let’s take a look at some of the fantastic stories out there.

Futanari Moans and the Mummy’s Hand (Job)Sally Bend – September 21, 2019

This isn’t going to be a long review. There’s no reason to spend a lot of time on it. It’s simply amazing and instantly became one of my favorite books of all time. Yes, I know the kinds of books that puts it up against: Ulysses by Joyce, Moby Dick by Melville, Hamlet by Shakespeare. It’s just that good.

Hold on. I get it. I understand what you’re thinking. Aleson, you’re putting an 11K word futa story against Don Quixote! Yes, I am. No, it’s not classic literature. No, it’s not going to win the Nobel, Booker, or Pulitzer. No, you’re not going to gain deep insight into “the human condition”. That said, I can’t recall ever – ever – having been this entertained before. It’s fun, pulpy, erotic, and humorous. I don’t care if you don’t believe in fun, pulp isn’t your thing, you don’t like erotica, or you lack a sense of humor. You will enjoy it. Go buy it. Now.

Find it here on Amazon, but available everywhere.

The T-Girl Experiment: The Complete SeriesM.C. Questgend – September 24, 2019

This bundle, The TGirl Experiment by MC Questgend, contains all three stories in the series. Reading them all back to back is a nice way to keep up with the continuity of the story, so I’d recommend purchasing this or each of the stories individually together. There is intense drama, engaging romance, and hot erotica, so you’re sure to be entertained in a variety of ways. There are also some clever and unexpected twists to catch you off guard the minute that you think you have it all figured out. It keeps an already interesting and well-told story that much more riveting. For a detailed, chapter-by-chapter, book-by-book breakdown, I posted a review on Amazon, but here’s the gist: It’s good.

The only issues that I had were some inconsistencies with Gabby. However, please don’t let that stop you. M.C. Questgend has created, above all, a story that is engaging and enthralling, with believable and relatable characters, and a hero that every reader will bond with. The characters, like real people, grow and change, the location and scenery are easy to picture, and even the minor characters are well done. MC Questgend has given us the perfect balance of romance, drama, and eroticism. This story isn’t just about titillating the reader – it’s about exploring real people and real relationships, perhaps the kind that you’re in, your neighbor, or a friend. It’s well worth the read and with the ability to produce stories like this, MC Questgend is worth keeping an eye on.

Find here it on Amazon.

Futanari Moans and the Sucker’s CureSally Bend – October 6, 2019

Sally Bend’s daring and dynamic dame of deliciously delightful dimensions returns for a second installment. Ms. Moans’ previous adventure has left her with an unexpected consequence. Our heroine goes to drastic measures, taking us into an exploration of an experience that should be terrifying, but is instead incredibly sensual and erotic. Instead of the standard scene of the monster violating her, it reads like two equals engaged in passionate lovemaking, a clever trick when you’re dealing with an ancient monster from legend that defies human understanding.

Sally’s given us another fantastic chapter in Ms. Moans’ story and I can’t wait to read the next one. While this book doesn’t have the heart-lightening humor of the previous one, it makes up for it with a deep sensuality touches you in places that you might not be aware of with some very pleasant results.

Find it here.

Gambling on Gender: an erotic gender swap tale

Gambling on Gender: an erotic gender swap tale by Sally Bend

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was frankly fascinating. It wasn’t so much the story (thought it was a great story), it was the way that Sally stuck you in a dozen different bodies and yet every time she managed to make you feel every single aspect of what being that person was like. I admit that early in the story I thought that Sally was unnecessarily mean to a particular type of person, but with each word, I got drawn into the character and really felt like I was that person. It was no longer mean. It was simply a fact of their existence and vicariously, mine.

I found myself not wanting it to end because I just wanted Sally to show me so clearly what it is like to be another person. There wasn’t much sex is this one, and though I find it nearly painful to say so, I’m glad. The intense psycho-sensual stimulation of simply being another person would be overwhelming when combined with a good sex scene (which we know Sally can do quite skillfully.)

Needless to say, this is an excellent book and if you think that erotica can’t be deep and thoughtful, Sally’s about to prove you wrong.

Play With Us: An Urban Foursome Game Night FantasyBrianna Skylark– October 31, 2019

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was very enjoyable to read. It has a slow build-up but it’s a very pleasant journey. All of the action is driven by the women, Emilia and Amy, but that shouldn’t confuse you into thinking that these are female-led relationships. They come across as quite balanced actually. It’s written as if the husbands are both acutely aware that for the relationship to form in a sustainable way, that it must be driven by the wive’s mutual attraction. There is a lot of flirting and teasing, and in fact, one of the characters complains about just that and how the situation makes that virtually unbearable at times. I can certainly empathize with their view. I’d be quite frustrated if I was in their position as well.

There are a few things that did strike me, but I don’t think that they detracted from the story. For example, much ado is made about Cassian’s length, yet Amy easily took him fully in a single thrust. The same with Mark’s girth and Emilia’s anal penetration. There are often elements glossed over in stories with a high focus on romance, but the men’s physical attributes are iterated enough that I would have liked to see a bit more reaction from women with regard to them. Those issues aside, it’s a great story and well worth the read.

The Hucow Virus

The Hucow Virus by L.A Laven

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I grabbed this one (freebie) because I find the hucow kink interesting, whether in the purely dairy or full breeding incarnations. It took a few days, but I did get around to it. That was a mistake. It desperately needed an editor. I mean desperately. Even a beta reader would have fixed 90+% of the issues.

The constant switching back and forth between past and present tense from sentence to sentence was very disorienting. Things were badly misspelled, had dropped letters, or randomly capitalized. Pronoun usage was confusing and sometimes I never did figure out who was being referred to. The word choices were often decidedly unsexy. For example, using ‘dig’ over and over (almost exclusively) to mean sliding a cock in and out was off-putting. As my mind was automatically building pictures to accompany the words, I started having issues there. Even the most skilled contortionist would tell you that the human body simply does not work that way or shape into those positions/configurations. The author seemed to forget whether he had the wife on her back or front. How do strangers come into your house and know where all your sex toys are? Especially, when you made a big deal out of hiding them from your husband. Does it not even occur to you to make a single comment on the fact that your neighbor just came into your house with a bunch of other random guys and started raping you without a word? Or even have an unexpressed thought about it? Can milk flow out of your nipples while they have clamps tight on them? How did they tie your husband up when they arrived empty-handed? Did they bring a rope that you didn’t mention? Did they use clothing? Why is everyone ‘leaving long ropes of cum all over my eggs’? Biology doesn’t work like that. I could go on.

It felt like a randomly computer-generated story trying cram lactation, big black cock, alpha male, group sex, non-consent, cuckold, slut wife (not hotwife), bukkake, D/s, and impregnation into 3,875 words (yes, I counted). Except the computer would not have made all the spelling and grammar mistakes.

I cannot recommend this one. At all. Ever. I don’t want to be harsh, mean, or unpleasant. I really don’t. It’s just bad.