I was interviewed by Shawna Cummings!

Hi all! I had my first interview as a writer by Shawna Cummings, a reviewer, interviewer, and great author herself! I’ll post the transcript of it, but I also want to link to her blog. She has a fantastic book coming out shortly (I think she just finished formatting it today). She gave me an early read and it was swoon worthy!

Here’s the link to it on her blog.

Shawna’s Hot Tub Interviews: Aleson Alexander, Author of outstanding smut

Welcome back to my Hot Tub! Today, we are honored and truly humbled by the presence of a gorgeous woman that I am totally in like with, erotica author Aleson Alexander, a sexy denizen of the Rocky Mountains. Aleson currently has seven ebooks out and has only been publishing professionally since September of 2019. She writes several different topics, which we’ll delve into during this piece, which I hope will certainly titillate you and get you to check out Allie’s books.

And for the record, only I am allowed to call her Allie.

Shawna Cummings: Well hello, gorgeous Aleson! That rainbow bikini is quite something. Almost like a kaleidoscope in my eyes!

Aleson Alexander: *blushes* What, this old thing? No, I wanted to wear this to celebrate you, sweetheart!

SC: I definitely appreciate the boost in the morale, given the way it lifts and enhances your delicious bust. And speaking of delicious, sweetie, I believe I have picked out an amazing Riesling that I know from experience is your absolute favorite.

AA: OMFG you are a doll! Fill that glass up, and I’ll tell you when to stop.

SC: I hope you never want me to stop. So tell my readers/horny minions about yourself, and make sure you give us those sexy stats so they can fantasize about you while reading.

AA: Well, I’m Aleson, which I know is kind of a weird spelling, but then I’m a weird person. I love writing erotic romance and erotica more than just about anything else in the world. You can see from my writing that I’m really into making sure that people see the visuals just as I do, so here’s some visuals… Red-orange hair, pale milk-white skin, bright green eyes, 5’7″, 134lbs, size 6, 36B, size 9 shoe. Feel free to masturbate to that. I won’t be offended. In fact, I’ll take it as a compliment. 🙂

SC: In our talks together, I know you’re a woman that is incredibly proud of her sexual freedom *proud woman hugs… shivers as our breasts rub together*. When did you discover your sexuality? How old were you? Who was the one person that really unlocked it?

AA: Mmm…nothing feels as good against your breasts against another pair of breasts. That sensual feeling makes you want to do such naughty things.  Ahem, anyway.  I don’t like gender as an idea, as a way to classify people. I just think people are people and if someone interests you then you should approach them. If they aren’t interested, don’t worry about it and just move on to the next person who catches your eye. I don’t consider myself bisexual or even pansexual, at least as I understand those words. I consider myself omnisexual. I can’t say that I’ve coined the term, though I’ve never heard anyone else besides me use it. I have Cat explain it, but I realize that I haven’t published that one yet, so here it is in a nutshell: The only thing that I need to be attracted to someone is…something. What that something is, I have no idea. I’ve stopped trying to figure it out. None of my love interests seem to have anything in common other than that they are all human. I just go with it now. It doesn’t matter if you’re female or male, trans or cis, short or tall, fat or skinny, 21 or 71, wheelchair-bound or marathon ready. Just have that something and I’m yours.

I was introduced to sex extremely young. I hadn’t set foot in school yet. There was a lot of stuff going on, but during a brief respite, I remember being in a bed laying between two friends, a boy and a girl, and thinking that I wanted to touch them both so much. That’s when I knew that I didn’t love boys or girls; I love people. 

SC: How long have you been in love with the written word? How does writing make you feel?

AA: I’ve loved writing almost as long as I can remember. Writing makes me feel free. It’s transportive. When I write, I feel like I am letting people in on this seeing this amazing world that I see and I want them to be as awed as I am by it. I write poetry as well.

SC: I want to talk with you about your yummy books and serials, because if there’s one thing I love about your work, it’s your style. It’s care-free and intimate all at once. You have such skill with the pen. You have this knack for pulling the reader into the scene, and into bed with the characters. What’s your secret?

AA: *gives you a quick peck on the cheek* Thank you for saying that. I’ve been told that my style is ‘weird’ all of my life, but no one can tell me what they mean by that. What I do is no secret. I try to take the reader by the hand and bring them through the portal of the pages into the world that I see. I want them to walk with me for a while so that I can show them this wondrous place that I dwell in. If I can share just a tiny bit of that with them, it fills me with joy.

SC: You have several different serials going on, and I know you also write about hotwives, transgender women, and… *sighs contentedly*… futas. The one serial of yours that I have devoured lately is about Christine, and she is transgender. How did you get into her skin to accurately portray this young woman who, when we meet her, is obviously gun shy about relationships?

AA: Every one of my characters is me from a different angle. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I see Christine. Sometimes I see Cat. Sometimes I see Leslie. I haven’t always been as brave as I am now, so I know how hard it can be to put yourself out there. I know how you can find it so much easier to keep to yourself. I know how bad it can hurt when someone rejects you for who you are. Sometimes that hurt is emotional and sometimes it’s physical.

SC: So, futas… one of my favorite things to read about, and you have a yummy story, Futa’s Birthday Surprise, that I indulged in a little personal pleasure on Saturday *winks*. I love these three main characters in Mira and Emmy, and Mira’s husband Mike. Emmy’s husband Jim is more of a supporting character. Why is there such a yummy dynamic between Mira and Emmy, and are there plans for a sequel?

AA: I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I periodically enjoy it myself from time to time and I’m the one who wrote it *winks*. Mira and Emmy are me and another friend. Their sparks are our sparks. That’s why it’s so intense…it’s real. She and her husband have since moved across the country, but we still text several times a week. She is a very dear friend and her husband is a great guy. Their daughter calls me her aunt. Yes, I do plan to do a sequel. Mike and Jim will play bigger parts and there’ll be some interesting twists and turns that I hope send shivers up your spine and fingers down your panties.

SC: And you have another couple of books, one a futa story about Cherie, and a hotwife tale that challenges hotwifing norms. Hope you can speak to those two books.

AA: Well, Cherie actually started out as a simple alpha male non-consent on a drunk woman scene, just to test myself to see if I could write it. Then I thought, the scene is hot, but it’s too common, too boring. Then I read something that got me thinking about my own appreciation of futas. I started thinking that it’s not really much of a step to imagine that it’s a futa who takes advantage of her, that I could make it a bit more consensual with the same intensity, and that if this man-eating woman has this experience, how might it change her, causing it to end in a strong lesfic vibe.

Leslie came about because, well, some guys just don’t know how to fuck. Can I say that? What they need is an older, more experienced woman to teach them. But what if that woman was happily married with kids? Why do all hotwife books have to involve weak sub husbands who turn into sad, pathetic cucks? How can I take these ideas and put them together into something special? I get emails all the time about how people love that book. I just wish they’d post more reviews.

There’s more futa stuff coming. It’s going to be two or three books with the same characters. I’ve already started it, but I have so much else to write, and so much else going in my private life, that I probably won’t get to finish them until next year. There’s also a new hotwife book that breaks norms, but again, so much to do and so little time to write. And a hardcore BDSM book. And an erotic lesfic romance. And a fun peek into a married couple’s life who are happy but feel the need to spice things up a bit. And a..well, I don’t even know what to call it. Supernatural, I guess?  And so many more across so many genres.

SC: In knowing you and getting to know you *purrs*, and we’ve kind of touched on this, I’ve noticed you put a lot of yourself into certain characters. Does that make it easier for you to write them and the dynamics they have with other characters?

AA: *reaches out and places a hand on your throat* Have you ever rested your hand on a cat’s throat while it purrs? It’s a lovely sensation. Oh, right. Putting parts of myself inside someone *cough* makes it way, way easier. When you become these people, you experience what they experience. Christine: Courtship still makes me laugh and I know all the funny bits. Christine: Love sends tingles to my naughty places. Christine: Pain makes me cry every single time. Each of them has a similar effect on me. I’m remembering what Christine remembers, so I can have that breakdown. I’m seeing her through Alex’s eyes, so I can coax her back from the edge. I’m Jason, so I know how overwhelming it is to be in someone like Cat’s presence. I’m Cat, so I understand the different forms of domination and how to use each one appropriately. And so on.

SC: Now, let’s get to what everyone comes here to see… *takes my bikini top off, grabs my glass of Riesling and slides over to Aleson’s side*… Hi gorgeous. If you were to meet a beautiful man or woman and if you were single, how would they be able to seduce Aleson Alexander? What would they have to do to make you melt?

AA: *grins mischievously and one-ups you by taking everything off* Be smart. Be funny. Be able to hold a conversation. What are your thoughts on the different models of closed vs open versions of the universe? What do you think about Cai Guo-Qiang’s art? Which comedian do you like better — Bill Hicks or Bill Burr, and why? I don’t mind if you start out a little nervous, but if you come at me with that alpha male crap, I’m going to punch you in the face, cuff you to a breeding post, and do terrible things to you until you admit that you like it. Don’t mention billionaires to me. Don’t say nigger, tranny, gurl, or boi. Show me a sincere, genuine smile. Let me hear you laugh a hearty belly laugh. Don’t be afraid to try something that you never have before when I take you home.

SC: Thank you so much Aleson for coming into my Hot Tub and chatting with me about your books, your characters, and your sexy self. But as you know, you don’t have to leave, baby…

AA: Leave? Who said anything about leaving? We still have so much *kisses Shawna’s neck* to *kisses it again, touches the outside curve of my hostess’s breast* talk *and again, thumbs her nipple to life* about…

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